The best bangs I’ve seen in a while


The other day we spent the afternoon doing my favorite thing in the entire world… meeting goats. We got to meet the first herd of Miniature Silky Fainting goats I’ve ever met in person and they were even more adorable than I expected. First of all, of course they are super cute, but secondly, the hair! It’s adorable. Fainting hearts farm has some really lovely registered breeding stock from Vancouver and the U.S.

Of course, I wanted to bring all of them home.


I’m super, super, excited (to put mildly) that in the fall, these two little doelings, Cookie & Cupcake will be joining our new little goat herd!


They are super adorable and I only wish they were ready to come home now! It was very hard to just have a quick snuggle with them, and leave them because they are so precious.


I am going to go out on a limb here and hope I don’t jinx myself, but the 80mg of Humira once a week does seem to be helping a little bit. I’m still on a high dose of prednisone and all my other medications, still having a lot of pain, and the humira does kick my ass and require a lot of extra sleeping and some side effects, but I have had some reprieve of some symptoms. My joints are still rough, but I’ve been able to get to the barn at least once a day and while I’m usually in more pain in the evenings, I’ve been making it through the days a little easier – so I’m hoping it’s the humira. On my shot day, a treat always helps, and these little Dutch cakes are my absolute favorites!


The animals are all doing fine…. Rollie has become more obsessed than ever with chipmunks and when he’s not chasing them off the porch, he’s starring out the window, making sure they are not even attempting to move in on his territory.


It’s been pretty hot and humid the past few days but everyone seems to be managing OK. Our three new Nigerians are all doing great, and Sunny & Klaus are now mite free and their coats are looking great. Sunny has also put on a nice amount of weight thanks to all that extra green stuff in her diet.


I had another MRI on Friday, and I see my specialist again tomorrow, so we’ll see what comes of that, if anything.


We have been able to have a few really great bonfires in the fire pit Ed made & it’s been a lot of fun and quite relaxing. It’s always an effort to get out and do it, we are always tired and it would be easier to just lie down… even though the only effort really required by me is being there. When I’m not feeling well I just don’t want to participate in life most of the time and that’s a bad thing, I’m always grateful when I push myself a little, and that little extra time together always makes everything seem better.


These guys also enjoy the outside time since we spend less time outside than usual because I cannot be in the sun at all, or the heat, and really haven’t been able to walk at all because my joints and complete lack of strength and energy. So the extra time to run around in the evenings in the yard has been fun for them… and also, they do enjoy roasting marshmallows too.


Norman is slowing down a lot… since I’ve started him on daily pain medication it’s definitively helped, and he’s not in the same amount of pain with his joints he was, but his age is catching up with him. I’ve seen a bit of the spark return with the medication however, and that makes me happy.

It is hard to believe that August has arrived. Time flies, and it will soon be time to start cutting firewood and preparing for winter. It comes fast out here in the bush. Everything is still up in the air and uncertain except for one thing…. we need firewood, and we need to keep warm…. and the farm, and us, need to survive another winter.


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